FEB 25, 2019
Build the perfect business for your genius using the 
Wealth Dynamics System (WDS)
Challenge Begins In:
What is Your Reason for Being?
Ikigai is a Japanese concept that means "reason for being." 

For entrepreneurs, it is the overlap of your talents, your passions, your purpose, and your business model.

This FREE 5 Day Challenge uses the Wealth Dynamics Entrepreneur Profiling system along with 3 other powerful profiling tools to help you find your ikigai and put together the plan to take your business and your life to the next level.
Purpose of this 5 day challenge:
Self Awareness
Identify you ikigai and understand how your talents, passion, purpose, and business plan can intersect to bring you flow.
Self Mastery
Redesign the role you play in your business and in the market to stay in your zone of genius while you 10X your results.
Self Expression
In the age of singulairty, who you are trumps what you do. Turn your self-expression into how you earn a living and make an impact at the same time.
Hosted by Trey Stinnett
Trey Stinnett is a serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, and Wealth Dynamics Master Trainer.

In the last 5 years, Trey has taught seminars and workshops to more than 25,000 entrepreneurs and investors across the globe.

Trey empowers conscious entrepreneurs to find their flow by identifying their talents, building their team, and deploying customized strategies to 10X their income and their impact
I'd like to tell you about the work that has been changing my life

The Wealth Dynamics System is the leading profiling system for entrepreneurs. It is based on ancient wisdom of the IChing.

It was created by my mentor, Roger James Hamilton in 2002 and has been used by more than 1,200,000 entrepreneurs world-wide.

I've been studying with Roger for the last eighteen months and it's powerfully changed the way I produce and manage wealth.

He taught me to

(1) find my flow and operate from my genius as a Creator profile type
(2) attract the right team members at the right level and energy.
(3) create a rhythm with the systems that scale my time

This Facebook group will introduce you to this system with a free, video-based 5-day workshop in which you will get clear on your...
  • Talents: Find which of the 4 genius or 8 wealth dynamic profiles you are
  • Passion: Take the passion test to get clear on what's important to you
  • Purpose: Based on the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals
  •  Plan: Get clear on your level with the Wealth Spectrum test
If you are moved by Roger's work as I and so many of my friends have been, after the challenge is over I will show you ways to get the help you need building your business to the next level.

Whether you're new to Wealth Dynamic or you've known your profile for years, this challenge will help you finally align your life and launch the plan you've been waiting for!
example of a wealth dynamics profile chart
connect and collaborate with other to fulfill your mutual purpose
learn the 7 levels to 1,000,000 customers
model the right entrepreneurs for your genius type
create financial alchemy and get into a rhythm of serial success
Find your place on the wealth spectrum and learn EXACTLY how to climb
A Message From My Mentor:
Are you ready to 10X your impact?
This 5 day challenge is the step-by-step process to finding your reason for being.
Day One: Vision
Dive deep on day one by getting clear on your vision for your life. Where do you want to be this time next year?
Day Two: Talents
We all have different talents. When you are focused on what you do best, you're in your flow.
Day Three: Passion
Surfing, traveling, public speaking, writing... what are your passions? Doing what you're passionate about lights you up inside.
Day Four: Purpose
No matter how successful you are, if you're unfulfilled you have failed by default. Work towards a greater purpose and watch as you attract the support you need.
Day Five: Plan
What good is a roadmap if you don't know where you are or where you are trying to go? On the final day of the challenge, you will discover what level you are at in your business and begin to chart a course to greater profit and greater fulfillment
Praise for ikigai mentors
"Every time I see Roger present I am in awe of his passion for entrepreneurship and humanity.

It’s no wonder Genius U is growing faster than Facebook did in its formative years. It is both a privilege and an honor to call him a friend and mentor."

Adam Houlahan
"Trey's coaching helped me grow stronger, wiser, more confident, and more present. I enjoyed our wild ride together through the startup world as I built [my business], and I’ll always remember our consciousness adventures in Guatemala."

James Anderson
"Roger walks his talk, inspires and mentors from the heart. His ideas and his clarity are pretty spot on, his comments honest. He never seems to run out of ideas or sleep and has empowered me to believe that my full potential is possible."

Bibi Gratzer
"Start with what you do well, and you'll already be half way to mastery."
-Roger James Hamilton
"Start with what you do well, and you'll already be half way to mastery."
-Roger James Hamilton

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